Mark your knob settings...
to get that perfect tone every time!

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How it all began:

One night at a gig John was using his bass synth pedal and the knob settings were accidentally bumped after some loose cords in his pedalboard case moved them. Right then John realized having some way to mark his pedal knob settings would have helped him return the knobs to the desired setting without holding up the show. At that moment the Neats Nobs concept was born!

NEAT NOBS™ truly was created FOR musicians, BY musicians! Everyone involved with Neat Nobs shares one goal: to help fellow musicians get that perfect tone every time!

Once John realized that his idea could actually help out other fellow musicians, he decided to form a business venture to turn the idea into an actual product for stores to carry so others could benefit from it. John co-manages the business with his longtime friend and fellow musician Rob Medinger.

About John L. Sullivan:

John is a lifelong musician and multi-instrumentalist, recording studio owner, engineer and producer at his own 'Flood Zone' studios. John was the drummer in the rock band LOUDMOUTH (signed to Hollywood Records) in the late 90's where the band’s song 'Fly' was featured in the movie 'Varsity Blues'.

John currently sings and plays guitar in his own original band THE RAGGED GLORY, and also plays bass in his Chicago cover band called 80's ENOUGH.

Contact NEAT NOBS™

Email: info@NeatNobs.com